About Us

Main Street of taylorsville MississippiThe purpose of the Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce is to help promote Taylorsville Mississippi, and the business and industry who support this town.

It is economic recycling that we are about…  individuals support businesses, who help support the town, who help support their citizens, who help support commerce.

A chamber of commerce is a voluntary association whose membership is comprised of companies, civic leaders, and individual business people. Its members seek to promote the interests of business, typically in a broad-based way. Chambers of commerce exist on municipal, state, regional, national, and even international levels. Today, chambers of commerce—sometimes called boards of trade or commercial associations—can be found in most of the world’s industrialized countries.

Mayor Knox Ross of Pelahatchie, Mayor Rosalyn Glenn of Taylorsville, Newt Ishee, President Taylorsville chamber

Mayor Knox Ross of Pelahatchie, Forner Mayor Rosalyn Glenn of Taylorsville, Newt Ishee, Former President Taylorsville chamber

At the local level, chambers of commerce strive to develop and publicize business opportunities in their communities, as well as work for the betterment of local schools and other community institutions. Local chambers of commerce offer a range of programs and services to their members, including information and advice on timely business matters, opportunities for networking, and a variety of publications. Local chambers of commerce also provide their members with numerous forums—task forces, committees, special events, and so on—in which to express their specific views and concerns, whether pertaining to the challenges facing small businesses or to the issues surrounding commerce in general.

Chambers can be a driving force in a community, but it takes participation from the town, the community, and the Chamber organization. As in any successful effort, there must be support and cooperation from every sector.